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Bed Sore Protector Hip

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"During excessive bed ridden cases femua head (hip area) in case of side lying need protection from bed sore at hip area and require. Femua head area in case of side lying are the prominent area that develop bed sares easily need pressure relief by Hip Protector. Hip protector helps during mid prone lying position & provides pressure relief to either side. During mid prone position greater trochanter of femur is the mostprominent pressure bearing area, so need pressure relief. Relive pressure from transverse fascia lata & speed up the recovery for further rehabitation. Can be use up to Grade III bed sores. Easy to donning & doffing. Instructions for use : Wash cloth & gel separately. When gel is dirty / sticky, Sponge the gel with talcum powder and remove extra powder by washing the gel with mild shampoo and fresh water. Shade dry. Keep away from direct heat."